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What Is My Approach to Couples Counseling?

There are no right partners or wrong partners. Couple’s therapy is NOT about pointing the finger and changing the behavior of only one person in the partnership. The most helpful ideas for couples considering therapy is what they would like their partnership to look like (using behavioral references) feel like, and how each member can support the other in a manner that feels good to them individually.

Most couples find that they have created a negative feedback loop in their relationship; whereby one’s behavior provokes a negative response by their partner and then that negative response begets another from the other partner and so on. These negative feedback loops will be addressed.

When couples enter marital therapy, they must agree that they will be working on creating new and positive behaviors for the relationship. The past will be discussed in order to understand what has happened over time; however it will be new interactions that will help to bring about the goals both partners want to achieve.

What You Need To Know

  • Couples coming to couples therapy cannot resolve infidelity issues of hurt and abandonment if one or both partners are continuing with affairs. To rebuild a marriage after infidelity, trust must be earned and that cannot happen if the affair continues. If you find yourself in an affair and wondering whether to choose your current partner or a new one; this is a good issue to take to individual therapy.

  • There also times during couples therapy when one or both of the partners may be referred to individual therapy if an underlying mental health problem is discovered and needs treatment. Referring one or both of the partners for individual treatment does not mean that couples therapy cannot continue. In severe cases where there has been abuse in the history of a partner that has not been addressed or a severe mental illness that has gone untreated; couples therapy may need suspension for a period of time.

  • I will work with both partners individually and separately at times as needed. This would not be considered individual therapy, simply information gathering for further understanding and solution building.

  • Some couples find that their problems begin to resolve fairly quickly in couples therapy and they may only need 6 to 8 sessions. Other couples, whose troubles have gone without being addressed for years, will take longer to resolve. You can expect minimally that the first and second session will be one week apart. Subsequent sessions are generally two weeks apart – giving time for change to occur. When a couple is in crisis sessions will be occur at least weekly.

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Cindy helped my wife and me take a good marriage to a more intimate and fulfilling level. In our seven FaceTime sessions with Cindy, (as with previous in-person sessions), she helped us focus on our mutual goal of communicating more openly and effectively, while realizing what is normal and realistic.

Cindy did not take sides, but was in the corner of our marriage as a whole. This non-threatening approach helped us improve our relationship as a couple. I highly recommend Cindy to other couples or individuals who would like to achieve a similar outcome with her guidance!

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